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The Measure Of A Man - By Ken Hanson

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In memory of Gene Hanson, my father: 

The Measure Of A Man

By Ken Hanson

When a man starts a family his life changes,

Like nothing he’s seen before,

A solitary life becomes a couple,

Then three or four or maybe more.

The old carefree lifestyle is gone forever,

There are new things that need to be done,

Priorities change, what’s important now,

Is a wife, or a daughter, or a son.

The family is now more important than the one,

The question now is, how much will he give,

How much will he sacrifice of his own life,

So that others important to him may live.

Little babies demand so much of your time,

They’re helpless without you right now,

Sleepless nights and full time jobs,

They have to fit into your schedule somehow.

Forget about hanging out with your buddies,

This is the path you have chosen to walk,

People are depending on you now,

Responsibility is more than just talk.

Toddlers demand constant attention,

You can’t turn your back on them at all,

Walking increases the range of their mischief,

Protecting them from a cut or a burn or a fall.

Consider it part of your exercise program,

Chasing a toddler will keep you fit,

Your parents did it, now it’s your turn,

They’ll even tell you you’ll get used to it.

Their mother needs some time off too,

Your time is not your own any more,

You only thought you were going fishing,

Forget that bass boat outside the door.

Maybe when they’re a few years older,

They can also enjoy your favorite sport,

Your job right now is right here,

Enjoy this time for it is way too short.

In a few years the training wheels come off,

New bikes, skateboards, and dollhouses too,

You’ll work some overtime to meet their desires,

New carpet and drapes, mom also has a few.

Along comes band practice and soccer games,

Cheerleading and trips out of town as well,

It’s important that dad attend these events,

When you’re not there they can tell.

All too soon you’ll become a chauffeur,

Dropping your teens off at the mall,

It’s important that you stay out of sight,

They don’t want to be seen with you at all.

Hope you’ve got a good job, cars are next,

Most are to busy with school to buy their own,

Don’t forget tires, gas, and insurance,

It’s more expensive now than you’ve ever known.

If you think cars are expensive, try a wedding,

Forget about retirement anytime soon,

If you think you can scrimp and get by cheap,

Your wife and daughter will change that tune.
Hopefully they will choose wisely,

A mate is their choice, it’s not up to you,

About all you can do is give your blessing,

Or you’ll lose them and their children too.

You never know what life will bring,

Some families are normal, some are not,

One thing you can count on for sure,

To fill their needs will take all you’ve got.

Someday you’ll be retired in your rocking chair,

Surprised how fast the years flew by,

Life is a journey with a beginning and end,

You can’t stop time no matter how you try.

When you reach the end, the faith you have,

And the people in your life are all you’ve got,

The possessions you’ve gathered mean nothing,

You can’t take them with you like it or not.

The legacy you will leave after you’re gone,

Is you’re service to God and you’re family too,

The measure of a man is in his sacrifice,

That’s how history will remember you.

So enjoy your family and serve Your God,

Embrace your salvation and freedom from sin,

Tell your children about Jesus Christ,

And in time, you’ll see them again. 

(C)Copyright: Ken Hanson 2014 

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